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MindArk will hold and "ask me anything" session this month but you will only be allowed to ask two questions also known as #AMABUTONLY2QUESTIONSPLEASE. We'll make sure all the anserted questions will appear here. Just in case you have more than 2 questions just add them to this thread, we'll compile them and ask MindArk to answer them through the official channels.
Unpolished diamond, polished dice - Trust

It will not be a serious exaggeration to say that first-world modern economy model is based on trust. Educated societies are fully aware that money they deposited in the bank are not fully covered, money flows, and no bank can guarantee withdrawal of all the financial resources for all participants at the same time. Bank just simply does not...
Greetings Entropians!

Thank you for helping to make 2016 another great year for Entropia Universe. The combined efforts of MindArk, the planet partners and you, the community, have resulted in new accounts growing by nearly 12% and overall economic activity increasing by 5.3% during 2016. Our continued efforts...
Planet Calypso News: Robot ‘Heavyweights’ Attack!
Defender and Big Bulk robots are attacking across Eudoria! The traditional robot territories around Minopolis, Fort Troy, Jurra Plateau and Ashi have all been reinforced with the ‘heavyweight’ robots, with some lower-strength Defenders joining the attack against Fort Sisyphus.

It seems the reinforcements have been sent in an attempt to widen robot territory....